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Patented Aerodynamic Fiberglass Bulkhead

United States Patent Issued: January 9th 2018
Patent Number: USD807,230S

Picture Below: Roger Price, an Aviation Transporter, chose Load Covering Solutions' Windmaster SMARTLOOK Aerodynamic Roll Top to resolve his manual tarping issues. Trucking Operators have choices and they can purchase from all the rest, but those that know equipment; purchase from the best. Promoting 10% Wind Drag Reduction....... www.loadcovering.com

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Windmaster SMARTLOOK
Aerodynamic Sliding
System with POWAIR
front locks

Windmaster SMARTLOOK
Aerodynamic Sliding
System with POWAIR
front locks

President's Message

Load Covering Solutions is excited about the introduction of the first ever...

Windmaster SMARTLOOK sliding tarp system displayed at the 2016 Mid America MATS truck show in Louisville, Kentucky. Trucking Company Owners, Fleet Managers & Owner Operators have made it their mandate to explore fuel saving devices that reduce wind drag while providing less emissions into the atmosphere and promoting driver safety. The SMARTLOOK sliding tarp system, equipped with the Windmaster is the 1st ever fully integrated aerodynamic front to a sliding tarp system since its debut 20 years ago. Sixteen months in the development stage, LCS guaranteed it would provide the North America Trucking industry with an 8ft high sliding system that would have less wind drag while providing superior fuel efficiency then a 7ft high system without any aerodynamics. With countless design considerations followed by several CFD testing results, LCS is proud to say the Windmaster SMARTLOOK is the most fuel efficient sliding tarp system on the market today... Maximize your interior height of your next sliding tarp system by ordering the Windmaster SMARTLOOK sliding tarp system from Load Covering Solutions!

Click here for the Windmaster 8-Page Brochure (.pdf)
Click here for the Windmaster Turn Radius Schematic Drawing (.pdf)
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LCS - Bulkhead Air Fairing Assembly Wind Master - 2016

  • CFD Flow Simulation on Trailer Front Bulkhead Air Fairing Aerodynamic Drag Reduction 7%-9% (Fuel Economy between 3.5% - 4.5%).

  • CFD - simulation and testing of semi-trailer truck for Drag Coefficient & Lift Coefficient with Aerodynamic add-ons (external drag reduction devices).


    Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation analysis of the steady flow field around the semi-trailer truck model with aerodynamic add-ons indicates the coefficient of drag is reducing between 7% to 9% depending on the height of the bulkhead structure and coefficient of lift is reducing about 30%. Hence, the Air Fairing is the effective tool to reduce the drag force on the vehicle and also improves trailer stability.

  • Flow Trajectories around semi-trailer with the Yaw Angle at 6 Degrees has been shown with draw trajectories in appearance as spheres (or arrows)

  • Flow Trajectories indication of high pressure areas and vortex turbulences intensity created between tractor-trailer gap is reduced with the use of aerodynamic add-ons which provides smoother transition of air flow (air resistance - drag reduced)

  • Flow Trajectories around semi-trailer with front Bulkhead Air Fairing attached ensures a streamlined airflow (less air flow turbulences identified / high pressure areas distribution around semi-truck minimized) indicated by pressure (Pa - Pascalís) colored by parameter in dialogue scale box

    CFD Testing Results by an independent company compared a flat wall bulkhead on a sliding tarp system trailer measuring 96'-100' high to the Windmaster SMARTLOOK of the same height.

    Windmaster SMARTLOOK sliding tarp system provides an average wind drag reduction of 9.96% equating to an average improved fuel of economy of 4.98%

    With our Patent Pending Designs no other sliding tarp system manufacturer will match the advantages that Load Covering Solutions can provided. If better over the road handling combined with enhanced fuel economy are important to your transportation operation, then make the Windmaster SMARTLOOK sliding tarp system your next purchase

    Click on thumbnails below to view large .pdf diagrams of CFD test results.

    Please click here to download Adobe .pdf reader