Flatbed Load Covering Systems:
Windmaster SMARTLOOK Aerodynamic Rolling Tarp System

Windmaster GR8LOOK Rolling Tarp System

the LOOK® Flat Top Modular System (off site)

SLIDE KIT™ Dome Roof Steel Haulers System

I-Slide3 & 4 Basic Flat Top System

LCT-Load Covering Utility Trailers (offsite)

LCS Hard Top-Soft Side Curtain Systems

Quickslide Curtain System

Live Haul Side Curtain Systems

TURFSIDER® Roll Up Curtain System

Side Kits System - Post/Bow/Tarp

Service Repairs of all Systems

Digital Print Promotions:
Soft Side Trailers & Bodies
Hard Side Trailers & Bodies

Retractable/Rolling Portable Shelters

Open Top Load Covering Systems:
Waste Systems
Over Center Pivot Dump Covers
Pull Style Covers
Retractable Covers
Side Roll Covers

Accessory Products:

Lockable Chain Racks
Cross Bow Storage Compartment
Under Rack Storage Compartments
Cargo Equipment
Storage Boxes
Load Levelers & Ramps
Headache Racks

Devices That Save Fuel:
Airtab Fuel Savers (off site)
Windskirts for Van Trailers
Windskirts for Flatbeds

Multi Tier Decking Systems:
Multi Tier Decking

Custom Tarpaulins:
Tarp Technology Innovation Overview
Flatbed Sliding Tarpaulins
Flatbed Side Curtains
Side Kit & Custom Covers
Lumber, Steel, Flat Tarps
Dump Truck & Trailers
Contract Services

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Corporate Messaging Designed by LCS

Four Color Graphics & Vinyl Ink Applied Graphics:

Digital Print Advertising Over the Road is becoming the fastest growing choice for advertising products and services in the world.

After all, most people spend 1- 2 hours average in their automobiles traveling to and from work each day.

With the high impact of advertising in general, over the road imaging attracts more visual recognition than anything else if the presentation is colorful and eye catching. Everyone remembers which billboard during their travels catches their attention but unlike a stationary message where traffic has to pass by it, travelling billboards can reach out to larger groups of audiences.

In today's world of load covering for trucks and trailers digital print technology has advanced to the point where four colour printing on large sheets of PVC fabrics is practical while providing longevity of up to 5 years.

Call the experts and we will design as well as print your next advertising over the road.

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Vinyl Ink Graphics Application:

If a more basic corporate messaging is what you want, LCS is fully capable of taking your logo along with any tag line messaging and contact information and duplicate to any size on the side of your load covering system. Once you supply us with a Vector file of which we can create as well, the files are loaded into our computerized mask cutting machine and out comes a peel & stick reverse copy of your logo & message. Once applied to the vinyl our skilled graphics applicators remove a top protective layer and then commence to apply ink to vinyl. Vinyl Ink applications generally are 1/3 the cost of Digital 4 color processing.

At LCS we have you totally covered right down to being your Advertising Partner!