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Load Covering Solutions brings its load covering experience for highway flatbed transport trailers and trucks right into the residential properties of everyday consumers.

Our engineered aluminum extruded components & high tension PVC fabrics have transformed from over the road to portable residential car shelters. When your luxury cars or every day driver needs shelter from the elements and an expensive massive garage structure is not in the budget, look to LCS for an easy solution.

Available in any length and widths up to 12ft and heights of 10ft, LCS will recommend the proper protection you require to enclose whatever your needs are.

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Customer Testimonial:

Hello Brian, (Owner & CEO / Load Covering Solutions)

Most of us who live downtown in large cities understand that space, especially outdoor space is at a premium. In my situation, I didn't want a large traditional garage structure which would block my access to the park we back onto, and take up what little valuable green space we have. As you can see, my neighbours both have a traditional garage, but they have no backyard at all. What I wanted was something that was small, custom made to just the size of my vehicle and retractable. Your solution fit the bill. It provides shelter and protection from my acorn dropping oak tree when extended. When retracted, we still have some grass and greenery in our back yard, we maintain visual and physical access to the park behind our home. Once my measurements were confirmed, the process was painless and efficient. The LCS professionals delivered the load covering system in their own retractable sliding tarp system trailer and carried all the components carefully through tight residential quarters. Both LCS Technicians Bob & Jeff knew exactly what their responsibilities were to get the job completed in one day and installed exactly what I had expected. I am very happy with my decision and wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to anyone who is looking for something out of the box to protect their cars.

I'll definitely spread the word. It's a great Covering Solution!

Take care, & much success!
William C. - Toronto, Canada

70ft Long x 12ft Wide x 90" Ht mounted to a 2ft Wall.