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Lower to Upper-deck Single Ramps

Load Armour Brochure (.pdf)

Load Armour Lower to Upper-deck Single Ramps:

Our lower-to-upper-deck Single Ramps are used on drop-deck trailers to allow hauled vehicles to fully or partially rest upon the upper deck surfaces. They are manufactured for a variety of deck height differentials and loading vehicle weights our distributors can readily order and stock several sizes common to the more popular trailer makes and models.

Load Armour Loading Ramps have an excellent strength-to-weight ratio Efficient hauling is key

All components are made of 6000-series premium aluminum alloys, and welded to ASTM specifications to ensure maximum rigidity for their designed applications. Custom ramps are available - call or email for more info.

Sizes Available:

  • 5' L, 22" HD
  • 6' L, 22" HD
  • 8' L, 22" HD

  • 5' L, 30" HD
  • 6' L, 30" HD
  • 8' L, 30" HD