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Patented Aerodynamic Fiberglass Bulkhead

United States Patent Issued: January 9th 2018
Patent Number: USD807,230S

Decreased Gap = Better Aerodynamics

10% Wind Drag Reduction /5% Fuel Savings

Decreased Gap = Better Aerodynamics

10% Wind Drag Reduction /5% Fuel Savings

Custom Cargo Control Storage

Stores Off of Deck

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about Breast Cancer

Windmaster SMARTLOOK
Aerodynamic Sliding
System with POWAIR
front locks

Windmaster SMARTLOOK
Aerodynamic Sliding
System with POWAIR
front locks

Special Thanks to EBD Transport in Winnipeg Canada for being the 1st fleet to equip their Super B Trains with the Windmaster 110" Wide Western Canada Spec. These systems are the widest and highest systems in Western existence. Thank you Quality Trailers for this opportunity. Two pictures Below.

Picture Below: Roger Price, an Aviation Transporter, chose Load Covering Solutions' Windmaster SMARTLOOK Aerodynamic Roll Top to resolve his manual tarping issues. Trucking Operators have choices and they can purchase from all the rest, but those that know equipment; purchase from the best. Promoting 10% Wind Drag Reduction....... www.loadcovering.com

Picture Below: Thank you to Matt Brownlee for his purchase of a LCS Windmaster SMARTLOOK Aerodynamic ROLLING TARP System. Located in PA, Matt wanted his driver to have the best rolling cover that money could buy and provide his driver with enhanced handling and better fuel economy. Matt had a LCS customer load in his lumber yard with an existing alike system and after seeing and speaking with that driver, the rest was history. Delivered December 2018, installed at LCS Ohio install dealer, TL Services, Mantau Ohio.

We have been very happy with our LCS tarping system. The Windmaster looks great and has very little wind resistance going down the highway.

LCS Roll Top Systems lead the way with Proven Engineered Aerodynamic Technology and our Front Bulkheads are CFD tested for enhanced Wind Drag & Fuel Efficiency Results.

Above Photos - LEFT SIDE: Windmaster SMARTLOOK - CFD Tested: Wind Drag Reduction 9.96% / Better Fuel Efficiency 4.98%
Above Photos - RIGHT SIDE: Windmaster GR8LOOK - CFD Tested: Wind Drag Reduction 5.17% / Better Fuel Efficiency 2.58%

Thank You to OverKill Transportation in TX for their recent purchase of an LCS- Windmaster SMARTLOOK Aerodynamic Roll Top System sold through Superior Trailers. System was installed at LCS Dealer in Houston. Customer met LCS at GATS Truck Show August 2018. Nice how the Truck and LCS system flow as one unit.......Over 2 Decades later, there is a system that just LOOKS SMART on a flat bed trailer.

LCS is happy to have completed another successful install training session to a new fleet customer in Arkansas June 12th 2019. This customer confirmed his choice of Rolling Tarp System when he saw the Patented Aerodynamic Windmaster SMARTLOOK at the 2019 Mid America Truck Show in Louisville, KY. Nothing could be sweeter when a new customer has tried the rest and decides to purchase the BEST!

Owner / Operator Roger Price, Utah with a Drop Deck Single Transition Windmaster SMARTLOOK Aerodynamic ROLL TOP

MD Kruzer: Owner Operator, Miguel & Team from Miami Florida required an LCS Windmaster SMARTLOOK Roll Top to haul 102” wide Aviation Components across America. With a Custom Truck built to be there home away from home it was important to ensure truck & trailer were one sharp integrated unit travel the open road. Miguel wanted to ensure he set up from the beginning to have the best Wind Drag Reduction and Better Fuel Efficiency.

A&G Leasing / Sanders Family Trucking: Mississippi
Greg Sanders took 6 months to investigate the best rolling tarp system on the market. He decide on the LCS - Windmaster SMARTLOOK because he was convinced 9.96% wind drag reduction would be the best for his overall cost savings in the long run while promoting better driver safety.

May 5th 2018 - LCS Windmaster SMARTLOOK makes its way to Western Canada as the 1st system to be SOLD through Quality Trailers, Winnipeg Manitoba. Not like any other system sold in North America, it's just a "SMART LOOK!"

Click here for the Windmaster 8-Page Brochure (.pdf)
Click here for the Windmaster Turn Radius Schematic Drawing (.pdf)
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"Windmaster is available in a wide spectrum of Gelcoat colors"

Jeanne Ochlan, 4915 pueblo Dr. Stagecoach, Nevada, 89429 O/O for Power Source Transportation.

Testimonial: I pull a lot of different trailers, but mostly reefer trailers with a tight clearance (gap) between the reefer and the back of my truck. The SMARTLOOK sliding tarp system equipped with the Windmaster aerodynamic front extended bulkhead was no different and nested nicely behind my truck. There was no issues with clearance when jack-knifing truck & trailer. Its pulls like there is no trailer behind my truck so the Windmaster must certainly be reducing wind drag just like Load Covering Solution set out to design. Congrats!

Treat yourself to the SMARTLOOK sliding tarp system and save $$$$$$ on fuel with Windmaster Aerodynamic front Bulkhead! "

"Evolution of a Sliding Tarp System Front Bulkhead"

Customized Interior Cargo Control Storage; 100% Full Deck Utilization

LOOK at which Fleet / Customers are having their flatbed trailers equipped with the SMARTLOOK

Features / Advantages / Benefits
· Full frontal Integration makes trailer and system LOOK like one unit.
· Built-in Overlap weather guard seal
· Amazing Built-In Cargo Control Area
· Full deck utilization
· 10% Wind drag reduction "Promotes Driver Safety"
· 5% Fuel Savings "Promotes Less Emissions"

All Windmaster Windmaster SMARTLOOK's come standard with POWAIR, front auto air locks & Oversized Man Door w/ Mirror Finish SS.

LCS is Proud to have delivered on 12/18/2017 at their Nashville TN install location this Windmaster SMARTLOOK ROLL TOP to Greg Tucker, Owner Operator from Florida. Greg chose Breast Cancer Awareness as a great cause he wanted to promote over the USA Interstates . With no ties to Breast Cancer in his family or close friends, Greg is one of those remarkable individuals that decided to decorate his truck and trailer in support of women across America that battle this deadly disease. Thank You Greg for your support!

Tandem Specialized, Inc.

Read about Tandem in Movin' Out Magazine

Sebastian Trucking Sept/2018

"BEST" Roll Top System I have ever pulled

Titanium Trucking Services Inc.

TSS-Transport Sales & Service

November 8th, 2016;

Randy Slack / Owner: I just heard from one of my best drivers and he said he just loves the new Windmaster System!!

TDI - Transport Depot Inc.

TDI switched from competitor's system with interior ratchet posts for the extra deck width and length of the SMARTLOOK

LCS 2" Patented Slide-In Under Mount Light Bar makes for easy installation eliminating bolts, rivets and welding like other competitors. Available with Mirror Stainless insert strip or attach Conspicuity Tape.

High Impact Bump
Bar Track Guard

1" LED
Bullet Lights

Back Side Rubber
Seal Warehouses

LCS 4" Patented Slide-In Under Mount Light Bar makes for easy installation eliminating bolts, rivets and welding. Competitors use a 2"x4" tube that bolts on and always comes loose over time. Available with Mirror Stainless insert strip or attach Conspicuity Tape.

High Impact Bump
Bar Track Guard

2" LED
Round Lights

Back Side Rubber
Seal Warehouses


Mackie Transportation Inc.

Contrans Group

Owner / Operator - Gary Berry, Sioux Falls, South Dakota (Single Transition Drop Deck System) January 2017

BFE Trucking - David Foster Atlanta Georgia takes possession of LCS 1st. 53FT Windmaster January 2017

AWL /TLX Carriers Mantau, Ohio……..Owner, Jerry Carlton makes the move to jump on board with LCS and test the Windmaster Aerodynamic Bulkhead against his current flat aluminum bulkheads for wind drag reduction and fuel economy. After only one week of pulling the these SMARTLOOK systems, 2 experienced drivers told Mgm, these LCS systems pull better than any other current flat top trailer in their large fleet.

Bakke's Trucking Ltd. North Bay Ontario Canada - Another Windmaster SMARTLOOK Family Member that's demand driver safety through wind drag reduction.

Samuel Metals - (April 2017) makes the move to pilot it's 1st aerodynamic sliding system offering O/O 10% WIND DRAG REDUCTION & 5% FUEL SAVINGS.

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